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Posted by: Company Fusion

11th Aug 2017

How to Up Your Game at Work

This time of year can make us feel a bit burnt out, the summer is disappearing and the days are getting shorter. It can be hard to bring your “A game” to work all the time. To help you find that motivation, here are some ways to pump put your productivity.

Be early

Being early is a great thing to aim for, everyone here at Company Fusion gets in a little early, giving us time to have breakfast or a snack, make a tea and get ourselves organised so we are ready to start the day right. 

Take time away from your desk

When you are starting to feel lethargic or feel overwhelmed take a little break to recharge. If I find myself having an energy dip I will go and pop the kettle on, just taking that minute or two to do something that's not work can give you a little reboot. From time to time have a little walk on your lunch or sit outside, avoiding the screen for just a few minutes can really help.


You will probably have lots of reminders swimming around your head. These can cause you to feel overwhelmed and leave you very little space in your brain to think. The key is to write out a list of the tasks you have to do and then pick the 3 most urgent and work through those tasks one at a time. This way you can focus on the task at hand and the other tasks can just wait on the list until you are ready to tackle them.

Sleep better

Sleep is difficult to control, but it is something you can try to improve. Try and give yourself half an hour before bed to do something that doesn’t involve staring at a screen, read, meditate, have a cup of herbal tea and chat to someone. Doing something relaxing just before bed can help you fall asleep quicker and have a more restful sleep. Another useful tip is to only get into bed when you are intending on actually sleeping.

Try and keep your body balanced

When you're busy it can be easy to grab a quick, easy, unhealthy food option or no food at all, which is unlikely to help your energy levels later in the day. Try and make mindful choices by drinking lots of water and keeping energy boosting snacks close by.

Find time

It seems to have got more and more important to be a 'busy' person in and out of work, as though filling your time is needed to be productive. But in truth when you're rushed off your feet nothing you will do can truly be enjoyed. Cut out time to do nothing or find something relaxing that you will enjoy, it could be as simple as one day week you have a nice bubble bath or Sunday afternoon you sit and read in the garden for a while. It is important to try and give yourself some time to just be.