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Posted by: Company Fusion

21st Sep 2017

5 Questions You Should Never Ask in an Interview

There are probably going to be questions that you want to know the answer to and would love to ask at the first interview, but the questions we have listed below should never be one of them! Asking these too soon can put hiring managers off – they may even make you seem less desirable. Shine yourself in the best light and avoid these questions in the first stages of interviewing for a job.

Are there any other roles available?

This is a question that will make you seem uninterested in the role you are actually interviewing for and it might give the impression you won't be suited for the job. Instead, try asking what development and progression options are available within the business, this displays an interest in longevity and commitment to the company.

So... What does this company actually do?

This is something you definitely should have researched before you walked in the building. Before an interview check out the company's website and social media to get feel for who they are as a company. If you want to know more about them, maybe use some information gained from your research to ask about their projections and visions for their future. Example: “I noticed that in 2013 your company gained another office/site, increasing your staff and client base. Will you be growing the company again and what are your goals?”

How much Sick pay/ Holiday do I get?

You should not ask about anything to do with holiday or sick pay in a first stage interview, it's not really appropriate to ask about taking leave or the prospects for being ill before you have even been offered the job.  

How long will this take?

This may be a necessary question if you have to get back to work or pick up your child but it should be brought up beforehand when arranging the interview. Asking how long it will take during the interview can come across as rude and that you are uninterested.

How did I do/So, did I get the job?

This may be tempting to ask, but it is a slightly intrusive question and may leave the interview on a sour note. Stay positive and if they want you they will defiantly let you know.

Good Luck!

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