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Posted by: Company Fusion

20th Jul 2017

8 Tips to Have a Great Last Day at Work

The last day at a job can be long awaited, but it is important to make sure you leave in the best possible way. We hope these tips will make your last day at work as smooth as possible.

1. Don't burn bridges

It can be tempting do what you always dreamed of doing on your last day of work, but walking out in a rage and telling your managers that you hate them is not the way to go. The best approach to take is to be humble and grateful as you may come across them again in your career.  

2. Keep in Contact

Give your friends at the company your new contact information and make sure you have connected to everyone on LinkedIn so you can stay in connected and up to date on their careers.

3. Thank your Managers

You should definitely thank all the people who have helped you and worked with you in the time you've been there. If you can go and say thank you face to face especially to a manager I'm sure they would appreciate that you took the time to thank them.

4. Tie up loose ends

You should aim to finish up any projects or work tasks before you leave. If you have to pass on a project and they don't have your replacement yet, you could do a write up to help anyone that could be taking over your project.

5. Leave your workspace as you go it

Make sure you take all of your belongings out of your draws and workspace and clean your desk, you don't want to have to go back in because you left your favorite pen. you should also make sure you have taken all of your personal information off your computer. 

6. Have Lunch with your colleagues

Ask your colleagues if they want to go out for lunch with you, it will be a nice way to spend time with them and joke about work before you leave. 

7. Bring in treats

A great way to say thank you and make your exit less bitter is to bring in something sweet, even if it's a few bags of cookies is the thought that counts (even though homemade treats are better). 

8. Say Goodbye

Make sure you say goodbye, it can be tempting to just leave quietly but your colleagues will appreciate it if you say it face to face. 

Good Luck in your New Job

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