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Posted by: Company Fusion

13th Mar 2018

The Importance Of De-Stressing

We’ve all had those days when it’s been overwhelming with things to do and places to be. As time passes by extremely fast, we get stressed about not keeping up. Loads of meetings, deadlines to be met, taking care of others, working out, cleaning up at home, making dinner; oh and don’t forget about self-development!

Learning to find a little time to ourselves is utterly crucial. The world isn’t going to end if we let some things go and relax a bit. I guarantee you’ll come back to all the daily struggles with even more power and determination.

Take a few deep breaths.

Deep breathing is one of the best ways to lower stress in the body. This is because when you breathe deeply, it sends a message to your brain to calm down and relax. The brain then sends this message to your body.  

Breathing exercises are easy to learn. You can do them whenever you want, and you don't need any special tools or equipment to do them. To do this; inhale for a count of four, and then exhale for a count of four, all through the nose.

While stress, frustration, and other daily setbacks will always be there, the good news is, so will our breath.

Leave work at work.

The reason most people find it challenging to ever enter a state of relaxation is that they bring work home with them. This happens both physically and mentally.

If you can help it, leave work at the office. Physically leaving work at the office is pretty straightforward. Turn off your email, don't bring documents or computers home and cut yourself off from communication until the morning.

Mentally abandoning work is slightly more challenging for some people. This means forgetting about the fact that your boss moaned at you earlier that morning or choosing not to think about that project deadline next week.

Train yourself to do this, and over time you'll find it easier to unwind.

Get everything done immediately.

Just because you're off work doesn't mean your responsibilities are done for the day. We all have things that need to be done at home, including things like household chores.

Once home, go ahead and get these chores done. This may include unloading the dishwasher, making dinner, getting the coffee pot ready for the morning, bathing the kids or anything in between.

By getting these things done earlier in the day, you'll be able to relax for the rest of the evening without thinking about what has to be done prior to bedtime.

Remember if you're chronically stressed, then something is wrong.

You either have too many stress triggers in your life or have some sort of physiological issue that isn't allowing you to move out of the stressed state of being and into the relaxed state of being.

Once you learnt the art of relaxation, not only will you be more productive, but it could actually save your life.