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Posted by: Company Fusion

1st Sep 2017

Why Use a Recruiter?

If you are someone who thinks 'Why do I need a recruiter?' when hiring staff, you may have not considered these factors.

We Hunt

We specifically headhunt the top candidates for your roles. The top players in your field aren't necessarily going to be actively looking for a new role, but we are committed to finding candidates whose experience matches your criteria and making them aware of your vacancy.

We save you time and money 

If you are currently recruiting you will find yourself spending a lot of time looking through irrelevant CVs and applications, almost waiting for the right candidate to fall into your lap. You are losing time and money and coming up empty. We, on the other hand, find candidates that fit your specifications, we individually qualify them and - only when we have checked they are suitable for the role - we send their CV over to you. Extra information we have gained from speaking to them such as their availability to interview is included to save you even more time. This means you are only considering fully qualified, suitable candidates that fit your requirements. 

We know where and how to find and attract candidates

We use our years of experience to make your job description look its best and our marketing team is constantly advertising our roles on popular social media pages and groups as well as being posted on all relevant job boards and websites.We sure are attracting the right candidates by using our strong online presence.

Your Business is Only as Good as Your Team!

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