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Posted by: Company Fusion

5th Feb 2018

Remember; Take 5

A heavy work load, a looming deadline or an important event are some of the reasons that cause pressure in the work place. A degree of pressure from time to time is actually good for us because it drives us to do our best. However, when the pressure becomes continuous, it can lead to stress.

Countless studies have shown that extra stress can cause real physical problems like headaches, upset stomach, high blood pressure, chest pain and trouble sleeping. That’s not to mention its role in mood disorders like anxiety and depression.

Here are 5 easy tips to reduce stress in the workplace:


Try not to bottle things up. You should take the time to talk to someone with an empathetic ear and get their perspective on things. It could either be a friend, family member or a colleague.
Get it off your chest. Talking is good for you; if you can talk to your manager about how you feel, they may be able to support you.

Avoid Unhealthy Habits.

Yeah, those things that seem like a good idea at the time can end up making us feel a lot worse. You may not realise it in the beginning but it does happen. This could be using alcohol, cigarettes or unhealthy foods. Try not to use those as an immediate ‘go to’ when you are feeling stressed. Maybe try going for a walk; it might be a better idea.

Keep Active.

I’m not talking about full on sessions at the gym, but keeping active will definitely take your mind off work. The thing about exercise is it releases endorphins; our body’s way of naturally relieving stress. There is plenty of evidence to show that being active reduces stress and depression, thanks to those endorphins.

Eat A Well Balanced Diet.

The trouble with long working hours and a heavy work load is that they can create a vicious cycle of not eating properly, skipping meals, feeling sluggish and low.  Eating a well-balanced diet will help keep you healthy and maintain energy through the working day.

Signs To Look Out For;

These are some of the signs of work-related stress: 
-          Performance has taken a dip.
-          More random sick days and constantly late for work.
-          Low moods – irritable and restless.
-          Withdrawing from the team dynamic.
-          Drinking too much and not eating properly.

While stress is a real problem for people, it is definitely solvable. Bringing your stress levels back down into the healthy range will enable you to continue experiencing breakthroughs and create some real magic for yourself. 

Remember; you're allowed to scream. You're allowed to cry. But don't give up. Stress does suck and it feels like a ton of bricks, however, it does go away with time. Just take 5.