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Posted by: Company Fusion

28th Jul 2017

Job Hunting Tips Graduates Need to Know

As a previous graduate, I understand it can be daunting going into the world and trying to start a career. Have no fear! Here are some things I learned on my job search journey to help you along yours. 

The "Lack of Experience" Catch 22

Something a lot of graduates find is their lack of experience can hinder their job search, ways to combat this are...
  • Make sure you include all your relevant work experience on your CV. Describe your role in the company, what your responsibilities were, and what skills you learnt that could be applied to your next role.
  • Use your cover letter to explain why would be good in the role by highlighting your skills and experiences so far, and what other qualities you have that would be an asset to the role.
  • Consider volunteering. This will enable you to gain some more experience whilst you're looking for a job. See if you can help out at any relevant local businesses, this may not be viable for everyone but even if you could work one day a week it would help you gain experience.
  • Look into free online courses or short courses that could help expand your skills or earn you a certificate.
Apply for roles that are relevant to your experience

I know looking for a job can be stressful, but applying for jobs you don't qualify for is a waste of your time. Instead, spend your time finding and applying for jobs you actually want and that match your experience/skills. Don't forget to tailor your cover letter and CV for each role, accentuating your suitability to the company and role.

Check out smaller companies

A lot of people come out of education thinking they want a big job in a big city straight away but in reality, it can be difficult and it's not going to suit everyone. There are great reasons to consider working a smaller company, you are more likely to progress and gain more responsibility quicker! You may also be able to find a job that is closer to home rather than having to commute into a city.

Don't Give up

Job hunting can sometimes feel fruitless but stay persistent. I worked part time in retail to pay the bills, and part time for free to gain experience in my desired field. This was all valuable experience and benefitted me when I applied for my current role within Company Fusion.  

Good luck and I hope these tips help you with your job search.

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