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Posted by: Company Fusion

4th Aug 2017

Reasons Why Working in a Small Company is Awesome

It is sometimes considered that if you work for a large corporate company you are successful in your career and/or important which is not necessarily true. I wanted to go through some of the reasons why I prefer working in a smaller company and why you might too.

1. Recognition

When you work within a smaller company you are more likely to be recognised for your hard work efforts. Every day I am personally thanked in one way or another, which makes me feel confident in my work and motivated to do my job well. It is much less likely for the CEO of larger companies to personally interact with and motivate their staff every day. 

2. Atmosphere

Working in a smaller company you are less likely to find such strict corporate rules and policies, things like dress code tend to be more relaxed in a smaller company where as within the larger companies their dress codes and regulations can create more of a tense work environment. 

3. Experience

When working in a larger company you will normally have to start lower down and spend a longer time in a junior position, where as in a smaller company you would have more responsibilities and be able to learn and advance your skills at a faster rate.

4. Making an Impact

Being a 1 in 10 or 1 in 100 means you will have the ability to have some direct positive impact within the company, where as if you are 1 in 1000 your are going to find it hard to get your voice heard. In a smaller company you are likely to have direct contact with higher management, this means if you have any ideas or suggestions you can directly talk to management and not have to try and get it filtered up through middle management. 

5. Family feel

One of my favorite things about working in a smaller company is you really are part of a tight knit team. You are all working to help each other and grow the company, rather than potentially fighting against each other to be heard or noticed by management.

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