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Posted by: Company Fusion

25th Aug 2017

How to Write an Attractive Job Description

Companies are hiring staff all the time but are you selling your job role to the right candidates? Or do you need to hire staff but aren't sure how to advertise it? We write snappy and incising job descriptions for our clients, and here is our advice to help you write an attractive job description.

Job Title 
Make sure this reflects the level of experience and skill required and make sure you include terms that a qualified candidate would include in a search.

Use this to grab the attention of the candidate and make them excited about the role. Include information about the company that is attractive and state the location of the work place. This is the hook that will entice a candidate to read the rest of the job description and be excited about the prospect of working with you!

Duties and Responsibilities

Outline the core responsibilities of the role, try and keep it to around 10 bullet points of relevant core duties. When the candidate is reading this they will want to get a feeling of what will be required of the day to day, again try and make these appealing to the candidate.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience

In this section, you need to specify if a qualification is essential, what job experience you desire and what technical skills are required for the role. You should also use this to describe what kind of person you are looking to hire and what traits would fit into the company well.


Here you should disclose the salary and all the perks they will have in the role e.g. private healthcare, company car or petrol card, flexible hours, holiday days. Include anything that would attract a candidate to your company whether it's large or small. This is another great opportunity to sell your company, for instance, does your company have excellent prospects for advancement?

Now you can get typing and reel in your perfect candidate!

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