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Posted by: Company Fusion

16th Apr 2018

It's True: Your Desk Job Is Making You Snack More

If you’re someone like me, you’re constantly snaking at work. It is easy to spend all day munching between meals, packing on the pounds because of it. Even the most anti-snackers can be guilty to office temptation.

Deep down, you know you shouldn’t do it, and you know how to prevent yourself from doing so. Why do you do it? There are many reasons why –

Stress eating. Duh.

Many of us eat because we don’t know how else to calm down. Eating takes the edge off for about 1.5 minutes, because we can focus on a sensory experience rather than our emotional state.

The problem is; stress eating has no lasting effect on the root problem. If you're engaging in this behaviour, try taking three deep breaths in a row, or better yet, take a walk around the block, rather than the kitchen.

You’re tired.

I get it. Fatigue is another major trigger of non-hunger related eating. It makes biological sense that we reach for energy when we’re over-worked and under-slept. Unfortunately, this is one of those examples where I’m just gonna tell you to deal with it: GET ENOUGH SLEEP, or your mind and body will suffer.


Boredom will get you when you’re completing tasks you find dull and have already done 8,762 times before. The solution? Come up with three exciting (non-food) actions you can take in under 60 seconds when you need a jolt of excitement.

Feeling trapped.

This one’s a doozy. Emotional eating is an escape and it’s important to realize what exactly you’re escaping. If it’s the occasional bout of busy-work in a generally satisfying position, that’s one thing. But if you’re constantly miserable at work — the place you spend the majority of your waking hours — you have a bigger problem than “office munchies.” Do what you need to do to change your situation. You always have a choice.

There are several things you can do to reduce your desire for food at work. Here are some tips to gain control with what you eat at work – starting from today!

Don’t bring snack food to your desk:

This tip is super obvious and sounds impractical, but my advice to you is to always eat nutritious meals, and don’t eat food in between meals—except maybe once or twice a day.

Bring a healthy lunch:

Forget sandwiches. Take at least a 20-minute break at lunch away from your desk. Take the time to eat and chew and enjoy your food. Make sure you eat plenty of delicious food with enough protein.

Drink a lot of water:

Drink water at least one hour after lunch, but drink all day long. This will make you a more efficient worker because it will improve your health and help prevent migraines. This will also give you an excuse to leave your desk to go to the bathroom—and short breaks will boost your productivity.

Stay away from sugar or caffeine-rich drinks!

Ban coffee! People usually drink way too much sugar with coffee, and it may trigger a sweet tooth response.

Take really short breaks every 25 minutes.

Take three deep breaths and scan your body for tension; listen to your thoughts and emotions. Drink a glass of water if you feel like it. If you need to, say your affirmation or something that gives you a sense of joy, fulfillment, and power.

Put things in perspective:

Create a mental image of the worst that could happen if you keep on eating at work. What shows up? Is it extra weight, diabetes, rotten teeth?

That single technique can bring you to stop eating at work. If you can’t do this technique at work, do it at home; just imagine you are at your desk and make your emotions as intense as possible. Imagine that each time you feel like snacking at your desk. It will help you greatly.

There are many things you can do on your own to stop eating mindlessly at work. Start with one or two techniques and give yourself thirty days.

Be consistent, and your snacking days at work will soon be over.