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Posted by: Company Fusion

15th Sep 2017

How to get Through the Afternoon Slump

We all have those days where we are struggling to stay motivated and focused after lunch. These tips might help you get through the afternoon and help you avoid falling asleep at your desk.

Take a break 

Try and move away from your screen if you can, get a cup of tea, stand up and have a stretch! If you get up and move around it will help keep your mind active too.

Listen to some music

If you were going for a run you would want to listen to upbeat music to get you motivated, listening to some music once in a while can help you stay positive and motivated at work. 

Go Outside

Try and get outside at lunch, just a little stroll or reading a book on a bench can give you a little movement and fresh air you need to keep you focused.

What do you eat for lunch?

We all know we can feel a bit lethargic after a large meal, which doesn't help when you have work to be doing. If you try and avoid heavy or large lunches and then have healthy snacks when you get peckish you may find that you feel more energized throughout the afternoon. 

Switch tasks

If you have been focusing on one task for a long time it can make you a bit feel stagnant. Try focusing on something else for a while, you may find you get a second wind of energy and motivation to finish your work effectively!

Sleep Better

Speaking in layman’s terms, if you get more sleep then you are less likely to feel tired work. Obviously, this is easier said than done but if you make an effort to find what things you can do to help you sleep better it can really improve your mood and focus throughout the day. 

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