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9th Nov 2017

Company Fusion Limited Charity Bake-Off 2017

Here at Company Fusion Limited, we all love watching the Bake Off on T.V. We all talk about it the following day after watching it in the evening and last week we held our very own Bake-off to find out who the best baker is within Company Fusion Limited. I’d love to say me, but my cake turned out to be a disaster. I’ll get on to that one later...

We decided to have our bake-off open to the public and let them decide who the winner would be and while we were at it we utilised the event to raise money for a local charity that means a lot to us.

The Bake-off was held outside our offices on the high street of Tring. 14 of us baked our showstoppers, being judged by taste and presentation. We all kept what we were going to bake a secret with but still ended up asking “what are you making” to get the same response “you’ll see on Friday!” just hoping that someone would spill.

Now, I had planned my cake to perfection, brought all the ingredients and icing. The night came to bake, and well... the picture says it all really. Seriously, it was supposed to be a whale.

Boy, did I get some laughs! 

Thanks, team!! 

Everyone’s cakes were amazing; the rainbow cake and blueberry hummingbird cakes were my favourites. Everyone debated if it was too early for the Christmas cake and we were all amazed by the construction of a giant Jaffa Cake. We even had a good old Apple pie. They all tasted so great and looked amazing; who knew we had that many secret bakers in the company!

The event was a huge success and we were all so proud of one another. We raised a smashing £271.84 within 1 hour, 15 minutes. Pretty amazing, right, when the whole event was free to the public?

The passers-by were able to purchase a whole cake for a minimum of a £10 donation that would be hand-made all over again for them! We had a lot of buyers! We are still taking cake orders until the 10th November 2017 which will boost up our fundraising money for Rennie Grove Hospice Care! :) 

Best get baking team!

At one point, Mike and Bobbi were handing out tea to cars passing by and stopping at the crossing. 

Who doesn't love a free cuppa? 

Local businesses around Tring had helped us out a lot. They put our posters up and we took a few business cards to put out on our table for the public to take if they wish. We also had a few business owners come down and try a few cakes which just shows how much of a great community we are. 

We had a total of 88 votes come in which gave us our scores from the bake-off. Our winner from the Bake Off was Fiona Crosbie with her Rocky Road bonfire, just in time for bonfire night and our runner-up was Candice Irving with her Strawberry and Prosecco cake. Both of which received trophies and Fiona will be taken on a shopping trip to London with Mike. 

What's a winner without a trophy right? 

We picked Rennie Grove Hospice Care as we find that people with lifetime illnesses deserve to choose their end of life care. Rennie Grove support and provide for the patients and their families during their lives and after they pass. We strongly agree with this as every child and adult should be able to choose how they want to be cared for.

Raising money for charity is so important. Rennie Grove is a great hospice to raise money for. They receive around 15% or their costs from the NHS which is less than half of the national average given to UK hospices. This means they are heavily reliant on the people who raise money for them which make up the remaining 85%. They put all donations to work wherever it is needed. This could be a consultation in one of the Nursing Clinics or funding a specialist "hospice at home" nurse for a year. All donations that are made they are truly grateful for and we are happy to be raising money for Rennie Grove.

We are extremely happy with the outcome of the event. It was a massive success for us and we are so proud with how much money we raised.

Mike Edwards - CEO: "I'm proud of the company and most of all, the staff who baked the cakes to a very high standard indeed (In my opinion, it was better than the real TV show!). It was fun and exciting but most of all, this cause is very close to my heart and I couldn't have faulted anyone for their passion, commitment, support and most of all, participation and energy!" 

"Bring on Company Fusion Limited Bake-off 2018!!!" 

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-- By Lottie Foskett --

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